Wyoming Relay

The Wyoming Relay/Deaf Services Program is proudly offered by the Wyoming Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, an agency of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. The Wyoming Relay/Deaf Services Program provides numerous services to individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech impaired, and to individuals, businesses, or agencies that work with or assist these individuals. Services include:

Oversight and Administration of Wyoming Relay Service

What is Relay Service

Telecommunications Relay Service Advisory Committee

Remittance of the Special Fee by Carriers

Wyoming Relay Equipment Distribution (WYRED) Program

WYRED distributes special telephone equipment at no charge to eligible applicants. Landline and wireless devices and accessories are available for loan and permanent distribution. For more information and to apply go to wyomingrelay.com.

Information and referral

Training and consultation

Interpreter referral