Unemployment Insurance is a program to pay temporary benefits to those workers who lose their job through no fault of their own, are seeking work and meet requirements.

The program is financed entirely by employers covered under the Wyoming Employment Security Law.

The following functions are handled by the Unemployment Insurance Division.

  • Unemployment Insurance Claims and Payments
  • Unemployment Insurance Adjudication
  • Employer Protests and Charging
  • Benefit Accuracy Measurement
  • Appeals
  • Benefit Payment Control

Methods of Filing New, Additional and Reopened Unemployment Claims

  1. Internet: Unemployment insurance claims can be filed via the Wyoming Internet Claims Filing System.
  2. Telephone: If you live in Wyoming, claims can be filed by calling the Wyoming Claims Center at +1 (307) 473-3789. If you live outside Wyoming, you can file a claim by calling the Claims Center at +1 (866) 729-7799.