The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services uses Workforce Investment Act funding to help adults, dislocated workers and youth find employment that leads to self-sufficiency through various services available at its local Workforce Centers.

The Workforce Investment Act Program offers the following training:

  • Occupations skills training;
  • On-the-job training;
  • Programs that combine workplace training with related instruction;
  • Training programs operated by the private sector;
  • Skills upgrading and retraining;
  • Entrepreneurial training;
  • Job readiness training;
  • Adult Basic Education activities in conjunction with these activities; and
  • Customized training with a commitment to employ trainees

In 1998, Congress passed the Workforce Investment Act in an attempt to strengthen the nation's workforce development system by streamlining and coordinating the delivery of multiple employment, education and training programs. Wyoming implemented the act in July 2000. Funds come to the state of Wyoming for the various Title I-B programs, Title II Adult Basic Education programs and Title IV Vocational Rehabilitation programs. The Wyoming Youth Council provides oversight on the use of the youth funds and the Wyoming Workforce Development Council overseeing the creation of a workforce development system.

Intensive and training-level services are provided to adults who are 18 years of age or older. Services can be provided directly through the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services' Workforce Centers or through contracts with various, qualified service providers. Service providers can be public, private for-profit, or private nonprofit entities, approved by the Wyoming Workforce Development Council.

Services are provided to individuals who:

  • Are unemployed and are unable to obtain employment through core services and have been determined to be in need of more intensive services in order to obtain employment
  • Are employed and have been determined to be in need of services in order to obtain or retain employment that allows for self-sufficiency

To receive services, an employed person must meet certain income guidelines. An unemployed person does not need to meet income criteria, but must be determined to be most in need by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

Services to dislocated workers are provided in the same manner as for adults above. A dislocated worker is a person who no longer has employment or has received notice of a permanent business closure, layoff or a significant reduction-in-force. Displaced homemakers and self-employed individuals may also be considered a dislocated worker.

Youth are individuals aged 14 - 21. Services are provided to eligible youth seeking assistance in achieving academic and employment success. The following services can be provided to eligible youth:

  • Tutoring, study skills training and instruction leading to completion of secondary school, including dropout prevention strategies;
  • Alternative secondary school services;
  • Summer employment opportunities that are directly linked to academic and occupational learning;
  • Paid or unpaid work experiences, including internships and job shadowing;
  • Occupational skill training;
  • Leadership development opportunities, which may include community service and peer-centered activities encouraging responsibility and other positive social behaviors during non-school hours;
  • Supportive services;
  • Adult mentoring for the period of participation and a subsequent period, for a total of not less than 12 months;
  • Follow-up services for not less than 12 months after the completion of participation; and
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling, which may include drug and alcohol abuse counseling and referral