Employer Charging

Section 27-3-504 of the Wyoming Statutes explains separate employers' accounts, charging of accounts and when accounts are not charged.


  1. (a) Separate accounts shall be maintained for each employer and benefits paid to an individual shall be charged to the account of his base period employer.
  2. (b) If an individual is employed by two (2) or more employers during his base period, the base period employer's account shall be charged an amount bearing the same ratio to total benefits paid to the individual as the amount of wages payable by the employer bears to total wages payable by all employers during the individual's base period.
  3. (c) Benefits paid to an individual by this state pursuant to a wage-combining arrangement under W.S. 27-3-608(b) and attributable in part to wages and employment covered by this act shall be charged in accordance with this section to the account of that individual's base period employer. If, however, the benefits are paid by another state, the amount chargeable to employers in this state for whom the individual was previously employed shall be the amount reimbursed by this state to the paying state. The amount chargeable to employers in this state shall be an amount bearing the same ratio of total wages payable by all employers in this state during the individual's base period.
  4. (d) If extended benefits are paid under W.S. 27-3-314 to an individual employed during his base period by an organization defined under W.S. 27-3-501(a)(vi) and the organization is subject to W.S. 27-3-503, one-half (1/2) of the extended benefits attributable to employment by the organization shall be charged to its account.
  5. (e) Benefits shall not be charged to an employer's account if:
    1. (i) They are paid in error;
    2. (ii) The individual receiving benefits voluntarily leaves work without good cause attributable to employment or was discharged from employment for misconduct in connection with this work, provided however, that chargeability of an employer's account for benefits paid to a claimant in a particular benefit year shall be based solely on the last separation that occurred before the filing of the claimant's claim for which the claimant is monetarily eligible and shall not be affected by a separation that occurs after the filing of the initial claim and during the benefit year;
    3. (iii) Repealed by Law 1984, ch. 50, 3
    4. (iv)The base period employer provided part-time employment and during the individual's current benefit year provides the same number of hours and wages provided during the base period. If the hours or wages are reduced during the current benefit year or the individual is terminated from part-time employment for reasons other than those specified under paragraph (ii) of this subsection, the employer's account shall be charged pursuant to this section;
    5. (v) They are paid for an extended benefit period pursuant to W.S. 27-3-314, except as provided by subsection (d) of this section;
    6. (vi) An individual receives benefits under this act for unemployment resulting directly from a major disaster declared by the President of the United States under 42 U.S.C. 5122(2)