Safety & Health Consultation/Compliance Assistance

Consultation/Compliance Assistance Services

Consultation/Compliance Assistance provides safety and health technical assistance at no charge to private and public sector employers upon request. Our consultants/compliance assistance specialist do health and safety surveys, which include an audit of your facility where hazards are identified but there is no fine or penalty. Your injury and illness records are reviewed to identify any problem areas and offer corrective measures. On-the-spot informal training can be given to employees or supervisors when needed on safety and health issues. A review of your health and safety programs is done during the survey or it can be done by itself if requested.

You can request classroom training and seminars to be given at your facility or for groups and associations at a central locations. Training for qualification or certification is not provided.

What to Expect from Consultation/Compliance Assistance

Using this free consultation/compliance assistance service, you can find out about potential hazards in your business, improve your occupational safety and health management systems, and even qualify for a one-year exemption from routine Compliance inspections.

This is a full-service safety and occupational health consultation program provided by the state that we deliver using well-trained professional staff. Most consultations/compliance assistance take place on-site, though limited services away from the worksite are available.

Primarily targeted for smaller businesses, this safety and health consultation/compliance assistance program is completely separate from the Compliance inspection effort. In addition, no citations are issued or penalties proposed.

It's confidential, too. Your name, your firm's name, and any information you provide about your workplace, plus any unsafe or unhealthful working conditions that the consultant/compliance assistance specialist uncovers, will not be reported routinely to the Compliance inspection staff. Your only obligation will be to commit yourself to correcting serious job safety and health hazards - a commitment which you are expected to make prior to the actual visit and carry out in a timely manner.

GETTING STARTED: Since consultation/compliance assistance is a voluntary activity, you must request it. Your telephone call, letter, or e-mail sets the consulting machinery in motion. The consultant/compliance assistance specialist will contact you, discuss your specific needs, and set up the visit. We encourage a complete review of your business's safety and health situation; however, if you wish you may limit the visit to one or more specific problems.

OPENING CONFERENCE: When the consultant/compliance assistance specialist arrives at your worksite for the scheduled visit, he or she will first meet with you in an opening conference to briefly review the consultant//compliance assistance specialist's role and the obligation you incur as an employer.

WALK-THROUGH: Together, you and the consultant/compliance assistance specialist will examine conditions in your workplace. The consultant/compliance assistance specialist will study your entire workplace or the specific operations you designate. They will discuss the applicable OSHA standards, or even other safety or health risks that while not citable under OSHA standards, may pose hazards to your employees. A comprehensive consultation includes an appraisal of all mechanical and environmental hazards and physical work practices, and an appraisal of the present job safety and health program or the establishment of one.

OSHA strongly encourages maximum employee participation in the walk-through. Talking with employees helps the consultant/compliance assistance specialist identify and judge the nature and extent of specific hazards.

They may suggest and even provide other measures such as self-inspection and safety and health training you and your employees can apply to prevent future hazardous situations.

CLOSING CONFERENCE: The consultant/compliance assistance specialist will then review detailed findings with you in a closing conference. You will learn not only what you need to improve, but what you are doing right, as well. At that time you can discuss problems, possible solutions and an abatement period to eliminate or control any serious hazards identified during the walk-through.

WRITTEN REPORT AND ABATEMENT: Following the closing conference, the consultant/compliance assistance specialist will prepare and send you a detailed written report explaining the findings and confirming and abatement periods agreed upon. Consultants/compliance assistance specialist may also contact you from time to time to check your progress. You, of course, may always contact them for assistance. Ultimately, we do require hazard abatement so that each consultation/compliance assistance visit achieves its objective - effective employee protection. If you fail to eliminate or control identified serious hazards (or an imminent danger) according to the plan and within the limits agreed upon or an agreed-upon extension, the situation may be referred from Consultation/Compliance Assistance to the Compliance office for appropriate action. This however, has occurred only rarely in the past.

BENEFITS: Knowledge of your workplace hazards and ways to eliminate them can only improve you own operations - and the management of your firm. You will get professional advice and assistance on the correction of workplace hazards and benefits from on site training and assistance provided by the consultant/compliance assistance specialist to you and your employees. The consultant/compliance assistance specialist can help you establish or strengthen an employee safety and health program, making safety and health activities routine considerations rather than crisis-oriented responses.

In summary...

The on-site consultant/compliance assistance specialist WILL:

  • Help you recognize hazards in your workplace;
  • Suggest general approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem;
  • Identify kinds of help available if you need further assistance;
  • Provide you with a written report summarizing findings;
  • Assist you to develop or maintain an effective safety and health program;
  • Provide training and education for you and your employees;

The on-site consultant/compliance assistance specialist WILL NOT:

  • Issue citations or propose penalties for violations of OSHA standards;
  • Report possible violations to OSHA enforcement staff;
  • Guarantee that your workplace will "pass" an OSHA inspection.

Online Technical Assistance Request Page: Request a Technical Assistance courtesy health and/or safety survey, program assistance, or training online.

Training Available

The following are just a few of our available safety training topics.

  • Oil & Gas Well Drilling Standard
  • Oil & Gas Well Servicing Standard
  • Cranes Standard
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Residential Fall Protection
  • Global Harmonization Systems (GHS)

Recognition Programs

Recognition Programs are a way for employers to partner with Wyoming Workers' Safety. These programs recognize employers' efforts in reducing injuries and illnesses on the job and establishing effective health and safety programs. Employers may elect to voluntary participate in these programs indefinitely, (EVTAP limited to three years), or they may terminate their partnership at any time. They must correct any serious hazards identified as a part of these programs, even though they elect to terminate. For their participation and completion, (except for EVTAP participants), or program requirements, employers are exempted from regularly scheduled enforcement inspections and receive certificates, plaques and/or flags to display.

Below you will find a list of some of the recognition programs that the Consultation/Compliance Assistance Services offers:

SHARP Members

Wyoming Workers' Safety shares photographs of our SHARP members (SHARP flag presentation).

  • Automation & Electronics - Casper
  • B&H Rig and Tong Sales Inc. - Mills
  • Carbon Power & Light - Laramie
  • Carbon Power & Light - Rock River
  • Carbon Power & Light - Saratoga
  • Community Entry Service - Riverton
  • Community Entry Service - Jackson
  • Continental Industries
  • Dale Weaver, Inc. - Cody
  • Dystar Foam (Emerald Foam Control) - Cheyenne
  • Great Basin Enterprises - Rock Springs
  • Komatsu Equipment Company - Rock Springs
  • L&H Industrial - Sheridan
  • L&H Industrial - Gillette
  • Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc. - Diamondville
  • Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc. - Kemmerer
  • Lincoln Self Reliance, Inc. - Thayne
  • Moser Energy - Evansville
  • Nalco Fab - Powell
  • Northstate Corp. - Powell
  • Oftedal Construction - Casper
  • Searle Brothers Construction Co. - Rock Springs
  • S L S West - Gillette
  • Star Valley Lumber - Etna
  • Teton Truss - Etna
  • The Dinosaur Center - Thermopolis
  • Unicover Corporation - Cheyenne
  • WBI Energy Transmission - Gillette
  • WBI Energy Transmission, Inc. - Worland
  • Wyoming Honor Farm - Riverton
  • Wyoming State Penitentiary - Rock Springs
  • Wyoming Women's Center - Lusk
  • Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution - Torrington

Safety Consultation Evaluation

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