OSHA Commission

The OSHA Commission consists of seven people appointed by the Governor. Under the provisions of W.S. 27-11-105 and 27-11-106, the Wyoming Occupational Health and Safety Commission has the power to devise, formulate, adopt, amend, repeal and enforce rules and regulations promulgated in the interest of health and safety.

The OSHA Commission conducts four regularly scheduled meetings each year, typically on the 3rd Friday of the scheduled month. Special meetings may be conducted to handle emergent issues that arise between regularly scheduled meetings.

Meeting Minutes

Current Commission Members

  • Dennis Shepard, Chairman
  • Peter Perakos M.D., Vice Chairman
  • Chuck Dobkins
  • Monte Paddleford
  • Doug Thomas
  • Mandi Smith

If you would like to contact a commission member, please call (307) 777-7786.